Many people around the globe are now finding themselves working remotely which can be daunting. At Creative Clarity, we have operated as a virtual office for many years and wanted to take a few minutes to share some lessons learned.


It is essential that teams find ways to communicate efficiently when distanced. Video conferencing platforms such as WebEx and Zoom have supporting features which make this a breeze. That said, it is worth making an investment in a high quality microphone and speaker system for you laptop. Some popular options in this category include


There are a great many people who feel that being proximate is essential for efficient collaboration. While this can be true in certain industries and markets, there are a number of tools which provide for Some tools which we have found work very well for remote collaboration are:

  • Google Docs
  • Lucid Charts
  • Figma


Being considerate to family and other remote team members is a third key aspect to telecommuting success. It is all too easy to lose sight of a standard business day when we can easily pickup a laptop at any time. This can lead to issues where days blend to nights and weekdays blend to weekends. When working from home try to set reasonable boundaries for working and non working time. Be mindful that a standard 9-5 day may no longer be the optimal schedule for you or for your team. As such, be open to flexibility and ensure that adequate overlap can be provided to allow for any needed collaboration.

In a similar vain, it is essential to setup some location boundaries. If possible, designate a room or area within the house as your office space. This will help both in controlling the desire to drop in and chat during working time as well as giving you a clear boundary between work and home.